Managing Online Reviews and its Effect on Boosting SEO

managing online reviews

Why Are Online Reviews Important for SEO?

It’s been well-documented the direct impact that online reviews have on a business or product. Potential customers will often choose or refuse working with or buying from a company based on reviews they’ve read. 

But did you know that online reviews can also have an impact on SEO and your Google rankings?

So it’s vital that, as marketers, we manage reviews to boost our business AND our visibility on the rankings ladder.


By doing the following:

  • Establish the Power of EEAT
  • Build Trust with Customers
  • Leverage the Impact of Review Quantity and Quality on SEO
  • Encourage Customer Reviews
  • Navigate Negative Reviews
  • Understand the Role of Online Reviews in Local SEO

The relationship between online reviews and search engine rankings is more intricate than meets the eye. Let’s look at the nuances of this connection to better understand the significance of online reviews and reviews management on SEO.

Establish The Power of EEAT

Google EEAT – formerly known as EAT – is an acronym that stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust

Google uses these factors to determine a content’s page quality score.

Online reviews serve as a form of social proof, offering potential customers insights into the experiences of others. 

More importantly, the way you respond to reviews – both good or bad – shows consumers (and the engines) that you stand behind your product or service which builds trust. 

This is also a good place to share other stories of how your business operates to build your expertise, show your experience and assert your authority over the industry in which you operate. 

“Search engines recognize the value of social proof, and positive reviews contribute to building credibility, a factor that search algorithms consider when ranking websites,” explains Scott Schalin, Chief Operating Officer of Avita Group, a five-star rated digital marketing agency in Los Angeles

Build Trust With Customers

As we mentioned above, trust is the cornerstone of any successful online presence. Reviews act as testimonials, establishing trust with your audience. 

When search engines detect a trustworthy website, they are more likely to rank it higher in search results.

To establish credibility and foster trust through online reviews, businesses should prioritize transparency and authenticity. One key element is encouraging genuine customer feedback and avoiding the temptation to manipulate reviews. 

Authenticity shines through when a variety of opinions, both positive and negative, are present, giving potential customers a more realistic picture of the product or service.

Responding to reviews, especially negative ones, is another essential aspect of building trust. Prompt and professional responses demonstrate that the business values customer feedback and is committed to addressing concerns. 

It’s crucial to address negative reviews constructively, offering solutions or expressing a willingness to rectify any issues. This not only helps in resolving specific customer problems but also showcases the business’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Additionally, businesses can build trust by showcasing positive reviews prominently on their website or social media platforms. This not only highlights the positive experiences of past customers but also shows confidence in the quality of the product or service. 

Collaborating with reputable review platforms can also boost trust, as customers often consider reviews from well-known and trusted sources to be more reliable.

Educating customers on the importance of leaving honest reviews and feedback can further enhance the authenticity of the review system. 

Businesses can communicate that they value customer input and use it to make improvements. Finally, maintaining consistency in the quality of products or services is fundamental to long-term trust. 

Consistent positive experiences will naturally lead to positive reviews, reinforcing the credibility of the business in the eyes of potential customers.

online review management

It’s impotant to manage online reviews – both good and bad – to help boost your SEO presence.

Leverage the Impact of Review Quantity and Quality on SEO

Quantity Matters

The number of reviews your business accumulates is a key metric for search engines. A higher quantity of reviews can signal to search algorithms that your business is active, popular, and relevant.

Quality Trumps Quantity

While quantity is important, the quality of reviews is paramount. Positive, well-written reviews provide valuable content for search engines, and they enhance the overall user experience.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Creating a Seamless Review Process

Simplify the process for customers to leave reviews. An easy-to-navigate review platform can increase participation, leading to a greater volume of reviews.

We actively encourage our clients to include review solicitations in their email signature line with direct links to your company’s Google Business Profile page, Yelp page or other relevant review sites catered to your business. 

In orchestrating reputation management for doctors, for example, we encourage our physician clients to have their office reach out to long-standing clients to share their experiences with the doctor. In specific industries such as health or legal, there are also many specific directories that feature nothing but reviews of that industry that should be closely monitored.

Leveraging Email Campaigns 

Implementing strategic email campaigns can encourage satisfied customers to share their experiences. This not only boosts your online reputation but also positively influences SEO.

Harnessing Data for Improvement

Regularly monitoring and analyzing your online reviews provides valuable insights. Use this data to refine your products, services, and customer interactions, ultimately impacting your SEO positively.

Manage Reviews & Navigate Negative Reviews

Turning Lemons into Lemonade 

Negative reviews are inevitable, but how you respond to them can make a significant difference. Addressing concerns publicly and professionally can demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction, mitigating the impact of negative feedback on your SEO.

Understand the Role of Online Reviews in Local SEO

Local Business Impact 

For local businesses, online reviews are a game-changer in local SEO. Positive reviews with location-specific keywords can significantly enhance your visibility in local search results.


In the intricate dance of SEO, online reviews emerge as influential partners. Their impact extends beyond mere testimonials, playing a vital role in how search engines perceive and rank your website. 

By fostering positive reviews, effectively managing negative feedback, and leveraging customer testimonials, you can enhance your SEO game and climb the ranks of search engine results.

People Also Ask

How quickly do online reviews impact SEO?

Online reviews can have an immediate impact on your SEO, especially if they include relevant keywords and are well-received by users.

Can negative reviews harm my SEO efforts?

While negative reviews are not ideal, addressing them professionally and proactively can mitigate their impact on your SEO.

Do search engines prioritize certain review platforms?

Search engines consider reviews from various platforms, but Google Reviews often hold significant weight due to Google’s dominance in search.

What role do customer responses play in SEO?

Engaging with customers through responses, especially to negative reviews, can positively influence your SEO by demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Are there specific industries where online reviews matter more for SEO?

Online reviews are crucial across industries, but they may carry more weight in sectors where consumer trust and recommendations play a significant role, such as hospitality and e-commerce.


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