Brad Weber

Founder & CEO

Brad considers it a privilege to work with amazing companies and grow their online revenues and protect their reputation. A results-oriented, serial entrepreneur with multiple public and private exits, Brad loves tech, learning, teaching and using a hybrid marketing model to grow online businesses.

Some of Brad’s achievements in his three decades of digital marketing and management include pioneering comprehensive e-commerce solutions to early Internet businesses with offered integrated affiliate tracking and robust chargeback risk mitigation and was quickly acquired.

Brad later co-founded Interactive Telecom Network (ITN), establishing and maintaining rapid growth for one of the region’s largest Internet Service Providers. As ITN’s Chief Operating Officer, Brad led teams of 100+ in sales, online marketing, information systems, engineering, content management, e-commerce and customer service. This included spearheading the company’s pioneering movement into organic SEO and cutting-edge PPC strategies. 

ITN grew from a start-up to $45M in annual revenue in just a few short years and was sold to the publicly traded New Frontier Media. 

Brad next co-founded BeNetSafe, a forward-thinking company that created and launched the first automated reputation management solution for diverse clients including individuals, companies and specialized government applications. 

Brad remains grateful to support clients with expansive growth and exceeding profit goals. His mission in the creation of Avita Digital in 2003 continues to be the development of new strategies and better programs for companies that rely on digital marketing services to build better brands and ensure a good online reputation.

While thinking up new digital innovations, Brad enjoys yoga, hiking, traveling and learning how to better serve Avita’s clients.